Spring 2018 – Time to Grind!

4 Apr

If this pic of DYS adult and youth board members looks like we’re hard at work, YOU BET WE ARE!

Current conversations:

  • Service opportunities to publicize (monthly)
  • Events to host (monthly)
  • Grants and other fundraising opportunities to explore

Mr. Foster said it best – we need to GRIND on these goals! So here are the updates:

Service Opportunity for April – Barrel Farm Bonanza (Remix)

Are you interested in Organic Farming? Would you like to learn how to develop a garden in a barrel? If so, join us for our April Service Opportunity Event.
Kathy Hoffman of Health Harvest Farms will host this session. Join us to learn more about this exciting opportunity to get your hands dirty while growing “clean” produce. Check back soon for details on time and place for this unique session.

Art Event for Spring – Decorative Cigar Boxes

Just in time for Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day)! Join our mystery artist as we learn how to design and embellish “Plain Jane” cigar boxes, and transform them into keepsake works of art. Check back soon for details on time and place for this creative session.

Grant Video for April – Forward Community Investment Grant 

Calling all creative teens – In order for DYS to establish a REAL home in the community; a place where teens can gather and socialize, we need $$$! Be a part of our Forward Community Investment Grant video. Bring a friend or 2 or 10; the more the merrier! Check back soon for details on time and place.

All dates will be clarified as soon as possible. Please check back regularly so you don’t miss any of these events.







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