Feeding America WI & Healthy Harvest Farms Partnership

9 Aug

Barrel Farm Bonanza

We are proud to announce a partnership with Feeding America Wisconsin (FA) and Healthy Harvest Farm (HHF) in Menomonee Falls, whereby DYS youth members will collaborate on the development of an urban barrel farming initiative to implement over the coming year. While plans are not finalized yet, here’s a general overview of the pilot program:

Goal: to produce our own fresh vegetables within the confines of a limited growing area (barrel farming), that can be delivered to those in need within days of harvesting

General plan:

  1. Tour Feeding America facility to learn about their mission and processes; collaborate on a plan to use barrel farming to produce fresh vegetables for people in need
  2. Paint barrels black to block UV rays – barrels donated by Feeding America
  3. Deliver barrels to HHF & tour the facility
  4. Travel to the farm monthly to learn about and participate in the process of planting, nurturing, harvesting and disseminating fresh produce to community food banks
  5. Cook or serve this produce at the food banks
  6. Collaborate via Skype during times when we can’t travel to the farm
  7. Teach others in the local community how to barrel farm

Please support our Barrel Farm Bonanza by donating or sharing this info., and stay tuned for news and updates related to this exciting partnership.
Thank you!

Getting acquainted with Feeding America’s mission – to collect and distribute food to local food banks.

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